Coming from a musical family, it was only a matter of time before Steve began performing. Having a distinct liking for swing music, it was inevitable that the performance would include Frank Sinatra.

From day one of the “Let Me Be Frank” show some fifteen years ago, the goal has always been to replicate”The Governor” as authentically as possible.

“The Voice” is all important, but a grounding in acting will always add to the illusion. Steve has appeared in such shows as Coronation Street, Happy Valley, Cilla, Shameless, From the Cradle to the Grave and many others.

With a wealth of experience performing many corporate events for such clients as Mercedes Benz, the Bellisconi Family, the Barclay Twins (Ritz hotel owners) and other top hotel groups. footballers ( Peter Crouch, Dion Dublin, Gareth Barry) as well as a host of international performances as far afield as Italy,Switzerland, Croatia, Malta and Qatar, the standard of bookings to date reflects the standard of the show.
“Let Me Be Frank” can be booked for any event requiring a solo show on playback or with a pianist to a full production show with a big band and showgirl dancers. So folks, it’s true -

“Old Blue Eyes” really IS back!